EXCLUSIVE : Scottish multimillionaire mulling over Rangers takeover

On a day that will go down as one of the darkest in Rangers’ history to date, Hitthebyline can reveal what could prove to be a shining light at the end of a tunnel of turmoil for the club.

A Hitthebyline insider has had advanced discussions with Jim McColl OBE, who has expressed a desire to end the disastrous reign of Craig Whyte.

Jim McColl - Scottish Multimillionaire
Jim McColl - The saviour of Rangers?

Last month, McColl was mentioned by former Rangers director Paul Murray as being a key figure in a potential consortium to mount a takeover bid. However, it would seem since then that McColl has had a change of heart, and would now like to champion the takeover on his own, (as our insider learned at the weekend while speaking to him at a local golf outing).

McColl is understood to be watching intently and mulling over his options as he looks to become the successor to Craig Whyte, and ultimately end the suffering of the Ibrox faithful.

The Carmunnock born businessman has a reported fortune of over £800m, with a far more transparent and upstanding reputation than the clandestine Mr Whyte. The Daily Record reported in November of 2008 that McColl had overtaken Tom Hunter as Scotland’s richest man, and with recognition in the Queen’s Birthday Honors list of 2001, Rangers would be inclined to put to put their faith in the seemingly upstanding businessman, should any takeover bid emerge.

As a lifelong Rangers fan, McColl has long been rumoured to enter into financial involvement with his boyhood heroes. In 2010, the Sunday Herald also reported that he was to be the bankroller of a Rangers Supporters Trust takeover bid, which was to make the club wholly owned by the supporters (in a similar setup to how Barcelona currently operate). This has since proved to be not entirely true, but the multimillionaire conceded to the fact he was providing financial advice to the supporters trust.

In this age of uncertainty for the Glasgow giants, it remains to be seen whether the successful entrepreneur will firm up his interest in the club. With his interest in the club now declared, all eyes will now be on him to see when and if he takes the next step.


12 Replies to “EXCLUSIVE : Scottish multimillionaire mulling over Rangers takeover”

  1. If ever there was a time in your life that could write yourself into the folklore of Glasgow Rangers FC, the team you love, it is now. Struth, McPhail, Waddle, Wallace, Greig, Baxter, Stein, Smith, McCoist, McCulloch and all we need now is a McColl.

    It’s not every man who can stand up and say –

  2. SIR McColl you love the rangers .well you decide you owe us nothing !! and we owe you nothing …but i owe you this you come in and bring back the glory to glasgow rangers i owe you a big Rangers hug ,not a lot but there be a queue of 300.000 to hug . my arms are out big man ..mr john donaghey true blue watp .rtid

  3. cmon we need you to take over the club u would be the hero of millions of scottish football fans an most importantly all the thousands of rangers fans WE ARE THE PEOPLE

  4. In the long run, when you have a team that can fill the stands full of fans like they did for the Legend’s match (47,000), it would be a great financial move. If you love football, it needs to be noted, there will be no Scottish football without the Rangers. Under the right leadership and managment the Rangers along with the fans have made a loud statement that this can be turned around. For the Love of the Game!

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